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Technical content of 818 iron tower company ( reprinted )

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When I mentioned the tower company, the first impression I gave was the Iron Man who stood in the streets and in the countryside. Indeed, from the beginning of its establishment, the industry has a view that the tower company is only "born in the title", it is an infrastructure, and there is not much technical content.

However, Dou Hao, dean of China Railway Tower Communication Technology Research Institute, seems that the company is quite technical. Because, the tower company not only fully borrowed from the Internet management model, using Internet thinking to innovate operation management; at the same time, in the IT support and technical standards, it also made a lot of effort, doing a lot of technical content. According to Dou Yu, relying on the strategic framework of “3, 4, 5”, the company has fully borrowed from the Internet management model to achieve a flat organizational structure and precise positioning of organizations at all levels. According to her, although the headquarters of the company is very streamlined and capable, it has not fallen for technological innovation. The Institute of Communication Technology was established at the headquarters to support the operation and development of the country in terms of technology and standards. At the same time, the Information Technology Research Institute was established to independently develop IT systems to support the operation and development of the country. Most of the technical innovations of the company are from the two research institutes. 

Unified and efficient IT support platform

In the telecommunications industry, the concentration of data is becoming an increasingly obvious trend; and the concentration of data requires operators to achieve a large concentration of IT, at least distributed. Only in this way can we truly realize the value of the data. For the company, it did not choose the operator's original deployment in the province or even the city, but directly chose to build a nationwide IT data platform, in accordance with construction centralization, development autonomy, application Internet, development Ways of constructing and technology clouding have created a nationwide centralized and unified architecture, low-cost and high-efficiency IT support platform. 

In terms of construction centralization, all IT of Tiejia Company is a unified platform for centralized construction. All employees decentralized and sub-domain management on this platform, unified security processes, unified service rules, and ensured the implementation of operational mechanisms. 

For example, the OA system, the asset system, the network management system, and the high-definition video conferencing system all support efficient unified operation management, the financial system can realize the headquarters to promote the national report, and the project management system realizes the centralized management of the single base station. 

Application of Internet, such as research on a property cost management system, this system supports the Internet-based rent-seeking and leasing model, and establishes an Internet-based service management system, that is, a CRM system, covering pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales service communication through external portals. , a little access. 

Technology cloudization allows the system to expand or reduce cloud resources at any time based on actual business conditions, enabling rapid deployment, flexibility, and security. The development of autonomy is the entire process of the tower to develop IT and control R&D. The development of the development method, the development of the basic software is based on modularity. 

Through the above five aspects, the IT system of the company has realized the high-efficiency operation management from the proposal of the customer's demand, to the realization of the customer's demand, and the whole process, ensuring efficient information transmission, efficient process, efficient decision-making and efficient execution. 

In addition, the tower also uses the Internet's thinking, in line with the trend of e-commerce, to build an online business platform. The company has completely innovated the material procurement model and incorporated all kinds of operational materials related to the company into this online business platform. The entire procurement process is open and transparent. 

Introduced multiple sets of towers and machine room supporting standards 

At the end of last year, the Tower passed the series of technical innovations of the Tower of Telecommunications Technology Research Institute, and standardized the technology to achieve the standardization of the equipment. 

Based on the analysis of the operators' network construction requirements, the company has released five standardized 47-class modular design towers, which are provided free of charge to the tower manufacturers. At the same time, all standardized towers have implemented standardized design drawings, which is conducive to the realization of efficiency and scale of the whole group. In addition, the tower company also adopts a modular design for the tower. For example, the tower body is the same regardless of the height; the single-tube tower, all the lengths are unified; the ladders of the tower are unified through standardized drawings. Turn. 

The standardization of the room is to meet the access requirements of the nine-band and twelve-frequency. The tower has studied the new POI mode. On the one hand, it solves the multi-carrier interference of multiple operators, and also supports 4G MIMO, achieving indoor and outdoor, uniform above and below ground. user experience. At the same time, the tower also released standards for multi-system, multi-operator, multi-sharing fiber distribution systems. In the fiber distribution system, the tower proposes a new product type, network structure and expansion mode. 

In terms of supporting standards for the equipment room, the tower standardizes the energy consumption for household inspection and measurement, realizes the energy consumption of the three telecom enterprises, and intelligently measures the intelligent mobile loop monitoring system. The intelligent platform is used to realize real-time detection, real-time logical correlation and Control, fully escort the operator's equipment. 

The intelligent moving ring system also adopts a flat two-level management structure. In the headquarters group, there is a centralized monitoring center. The centralized monitoring center uses the cloud platform to detect the running status of the existing network, which can realize no dead angle management and operation and maintenance scheduling. The local city company conducts flexible sub-regional rights management through PC terminals or mobile phone terminals. In addition, the standards promoted by the tower also involve energy saving and emission reduction, such as the use of efficient switching power supply modules to improve system efficiency, the use of high temperature batteries and the operation of warming base stations and outdoor base stations, energy efficient base station air conditioning, group control + remote Control, mode operation, improve efficiency. At the same time, the tower also recommends wind energy and battery incubator technology and equipment to reduce the energy consumption of base station air conditioners.